Coolest Oscar the Grouch Costume

Every year we try to do a family theme for our Halloween. This year we decided to do Sesame Street. My 2 year old and 1 year old were easy, we bought Elmo and Cookie Monster on Craigslist, and they were all set. But my 8 year old wanted to be included, so he said he wanted to be Oscar the Grouch. After an extensive search, there were no costumes that you could buy. Se we decided to go ahead and make our own Oscar the Grouch Costume.

First we started with the mask, which is just an old football helmet – we had to cut out some bars in order to make the mouth. The mouth is made out of felt paper, cut to fit in the facemask of the helmet. Then we got enough shaggy fabric from JoAnn Fabric, and dyed it green. We cut enough to cover the helmet, and also made the full body out of it.

We cut the eyes out, and made them out of net fabric, and shaped them with glue. He insisted of a real garbage can, so we got one and cut out the bottom. We made suspenders out of rubber cords, so he could carry the can. We attached the can to a hinge, so he could hide in the can.

To complete the Oscar the Grouch costume, we ripped a hole in a garbage bag, put it over his head and taped it around his waste, next we put on the fabric shirt, and then put the garbage bag around the can. This made it so he didn’t have to carry a bag, people just threw the candy in the garbage can.

Everyone loved this Oscar the Grouch costume, he won first prize at his school. We also used a sock, and stuffed it, to make Oscar’s best friend, Slimey.

Coolest Oscar the Grouch Costume 7

Coolest Oscar the Grouch Costume 7

Coolest Oscar the Grouch Costume 7

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