Coolest Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch Costumes

Although my two daughters are getting older, they still love Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch! And believe me, each costume really does fit each one of their individual personalities! Once they decided what they wanted to be this year, I quickly got to work on the patterns, since I knew that I was going to have to create my own.

Costume Bodies

I used the same pattern for the bottom on both costumes, just adjusting the size down for my younger daughter. Each costume is lined with a matching cotton fabric lining and each has a zipper in the front for easy entrance. I also made mittens and spats for each.

The fabric that I used was on sale at my local fabric store for $3.00 per yard and the fabric is a poly-fleece. It’s very soft fabric and it can get warm inside the costume. The other costs involved were the zippers, styrofoam balls, and thread.

Costume Headpieces

As for the head part of the costumes, I had to make (again) my own pattern for each one individually. This was my BIGGEST challenge!

I first started off  with Cookie Monster. I used styrofoam balls for the eyes and covered them with white fabric and added black felt circles for the pupil parts.

Then I started on Oscar the Grouch’s head. This was hardest part by far!  The head portion was the basic shape of the Cookie Monster head, but with some slight adjustments. Because of the weight of the eyes (they were made by stuffing oval shaped fabric with batting), it kept falling off her head! I then had to make a beanie-type hat to go on the inside of the costume head and secure that to the Oscar the Grouch head. Next, I attached fake brown fur to use as the eye brows.

Costume Extras

As for the props, I made Cookie Monster a giant chocolate chip cookie and Oscar has his pal, Slimey the Worm.

For each costume the cost was approximately, $25.00. They weren’t too expensive. There was just quite a bit of labor involved. On that note, it was truly a labor of love!

Coolest Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch Costumes

Coolest Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch Costumes

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