My two year old son insisted on being Cookie Monster, so his baby brother had to match and be warm, since it’s always freezing here on Halloween! I thought making him Oscar the Grouch in a nice warm trash can would be perfect!

He is just wearing a green hoodie with felt eyes and craft fur eyebrows. I had to give the eyebrows a trim which made quite a mess on the carpet. Then I just bought a warm gray fleece blanket, drew trash can lines on it, and added the felt “scram” sign. We just tucked this in to the Bjorn, and pinned it in place. My husband then had to sport the trash can lid on his head. Piece of cake and super warm! :)  He was thrilled about that, I’m sure. I also accompanied them as Elmo, so we had the whole gang.

Once our costumes were made, we went to the zoo for a costume parade. As we were walking in to the zoo, so many people stopped us to take pictures that we actually missed the parade! It was still a fun day at the zoo though:). It was actually pretty warm that day, so we were sweltering in our costumes! We eventually had to peel off our layers, so Oscar the Grouch spent the end of the day without his trash can. He was exhausted and sound asleep in his Bjorn. The sleepy Oscar the Grouch was getting stopped for a lot of pictures too :).  But as expected, it was freezing on Halloween, so I was very happy to be able to bundle him up under his costume for trick-or-treating :). It didn’t even cross my mind to enter a contest until it was too late, so I was glad to find an online contest! Hopefully this can be one for his baby book!