Cool DIY American Gladiators Costume

Halloween is my All-time Favorite holiday and I love making my own costumes to wear as opposed to buying them. Here is my American Gladiators costume created for Halloween 2017

* Broom from the Dollar Tree
* Red and blue duct tape
* Two empty 2 liter pop bottles
* Blond or Black wig (I went with black purchased from Spirit Halloween)
* Red shorts
* American Gladiators shirt I ordered online
* Knee and elbow Pads
* Athletic socks

My Construction of the American Gladiators costume was a fairly simple one putting together considering most of my materials I already had at home from previous costumes. All I had to purchase was my wig, duct tape, broom and shirt which I had ordered.

Al I had to do was put on the red shorts, dark blue American Gladiators shirt which I wore over a light blue sweatshirt (I didn’t want to be cold), knee pads, red and white stripped socks, tennis shoes and I was ready to joust!

Jousting Stick:
For the jousting stick, I simply got a broom from the dollar tree, removed the handle and bottom, attached two empty 2 liter pop bottles to the ends of it with Duct tape and wrapped with red and blue duck tape.

I truly got a lot of awesome reactions from those that actually saw the costume and I made sure to tap into character while portraying American Gladiator.

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