After moving into a new house, my husband and I decided to host a Halloween party. I knew I wanted to do a couple’s costume with my husband, but I also knew that in order to get him to cooperate it had to be really funny. I know that my husband thinks spandex and mullets are funny, so it didn’t take too long for me to remember one of his favorite shows from childhood was the American Gladiators. My husband enthusiastically agreed.

I had a vision in mind, so I started planning our costumes months in advance. I collected the various pieces that made up our costumes from Ebay, Amazon, and our own closets and I added iron-on stars to make them extra patriotic. I created our name belts with sequin trim and glitter. Then, I made the jousting sticks from painting rods, bubble wrap, and duct tape.

We had a blast acting out fight scenes and entertaining our guests. Everyone LOVED our costumes and told us they were the best they had seen. We gave out prizes for the best costumes at our party, but since we were hosting we felt it would be wrong to give ourselves the prize, but we will gladly accept a prize from an unbiased judge!! :)