Dooneese is by far my favorite Kristen Wiig character. I’ve always thought it would be the best costume to do and it was! Everyone thought it was hilarious although the baby hands freaked some out a little. I wish I could be Dooneese every year!  Is that baaad?! :)

Creating the Dooneese Maharelle Costume

The dress I decided to make my on my own because I wanted it to look as close to Dooneese’s as possible.  I’m sure you could find one close at a Goodwill.  I used a Newlook pattern 6392 and just had to alter it a little to make it look how I wanted. I couldn’t find any shoes to match so I bought some $5 flats at Walmart and spray painted them.

I bought a bald head cap on Amazon.  I had never used one before but it wasn’t that bad.  You have to also have liquid latex which I also got on Amazon.  If you really want it to look good and if you have the time, I would buy two bald caps and practice.  I got mine to look pretty good but if I did it a second time I know it would look a lot better. Then I bought a cheap blonde wig on Amazon and placed it far back on my head.

I bought baby doll hand at Hobby Lobby.  I also bought a wooden dowel to stick through the hole in the hands so that it was easier to hold on to.