Coolest American Gladiators Couples Costume

We have had 12 Halloween Costume Parties and it is harder and harder every year to come up with something original! I searched and came up with this American Gladiators Couples Costume idea.

For my costume (the girl) one of my friends had dropped off some clothes for my son and accidentally put in her sons wrestling singlet. I took it to our local sports store and he recreated the American Gladiator logo and screen printed it over the original wording. It was showed way too much up top so my sister in law sewed a boob top made out of sequin material. She also made the sash for my waist and I took it to the same sports store to have the name put on it. It had velcro in back so I could easily remove it. I glued sequins on the the sides to bling it up a little. For my hair, I went true 80’s…. lots of hairspray!!

For my husband, I bought a plain red singlet at a local wrestling practice facility that also sells wrestling gear. I took his singlet and sash to the same place I took mine and had them do the same to his costume. Dale was going to wear a big blonde wig but in the end decided against it. We then bought knee pads and sweat bands. It was a blast!

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