Every year my friends and I try to think of a clever group costume. This year the guys wanted to join in the fun so we thought, wouldn’t being the American Gladiators be fun. I love to put the costumes together with stuff I can find at thrift shops, goodwill, ebay, and my own closet. We found some great patriotic slinglets/leotards/leggins on ebay then we got to work designing. We used vinyl fabric for the stars and letters. We just printed out some stencils off the computer and got to tracing. We used fabric tacky glue to attach everything. Looking back I wish I had put a stich or two on the items we glued on. When we went to put on the garmets some of the pieces fell of because we stretched the fabric.

Our props were made of PVC pipe, duck tape and towels. I just rolled up bath towels for each end of the jousting sticks and then made the design of them with colored duck tape. We did the same for the shields. It was just an old box we had laying in the garage. With a little duck tape and some vinyl letters it looked like a replica of the American Gladiators logo. Overall this was one of the best costumes we have ever created! I can’t wait to see what we come up for next year.