I have always loved Transformers, and now I love watching Duck Dynasty….so we decided to make a Duck Dynasty themed camo transforming truck!

Four years ago, we (my dad and I) set out to make a transforming costume, and successfully made a Bumblebee transformer. Every year since, we have made a newer, bigger, and better costume. This year we decided to make it more interesting….and instead of a standard transformer, we designed our own Duck Dynasty themed truck.

Jase was right….”Add Camo to anything, and it instantly becomes cool.”  For this costume, we used cardboard, Styrofoam, paint sticks, duck tape, glue, vinyl, and LED lights. We started with cardboard and cut it to shape, used paint sticks for bracing and framing strength. We used Styrofoam for the wheels, cut into circles and duck taped. Once we had all the pieces together, we used duck tape, and camo duck tape to make it look realistic.

LED lights for headlights, and vinyl cut out logos applied to the doors, tailgate, and hood gave it the final kick! We found a Duck Dynasty Uncle Si beard, and used a camo bandanna, military jacket, and sunglasses to turn into the Duck Commander.

People absolutely love the costumes we have built. This one was no exception. Kids, teenagers, and adults all love to watch me transform. Lots of pictures and videos….and a couple of offers to buy the costume off my back! When I went out for Halloween, I am sure that I transformed over 300 times that night. We are very proud of our costume, and we worked on it for many many hours.

We love the challenge of engineering a transforming costume, making it strong and durable enough to transform hundreds of times and not fall apart, making it look cool and appealing, and then to see all the faces of the people when I transform…it is so much fun!