Coolest American Gladiators Group Costume

Our American Gladiators Group Costume was vintage American Gladiators Zap, Blaze and Ice. To keep with the 80’s look, we went extreme on the hair and makeup with bold red, blue and gold eye shadow and ratted big curly hair. Our costumes were red, white, blue and gold themed. Two of the girls used wrestling singlets worn backwards over sports bras and spandex shorts. The third girl wore a swimsuit under spandex shorts.

We recreated the American gladiators logo in Illustrator and had the local t-shirt place iron on the logos, as well as stars and stripes in various locations on our costumes. To get Zap’s one shouldered top, we took a plain white long sleeve shirt and cut off one sleeve and hemmed it. We also wore tube socks and old tennis shoes, sweatbands and headbands, and kids elbow pads.

Although it doesn’t show in our photo, we also each got matching sweatsuits with the American Gladiators logo on the back and our gladiator name on the chest. Zap wore a blue sweatsuit, Blaze was in red, and Ice wore white. Probably the coolest part of the costume was our jousting sticks and nerf gun. We made the jousting sticks by wrapping brooms with towels on the end in red and blue veterinarian tape, it took a lot of rolls of tape to keep the ends sturdy.

We also had a nerf gun that shot out soft balls. When we were at the bars, we took turns jousting and dodging the nerf balls. We won best group at one bar and were a big hit overall.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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