Awesome Double Dare Contestant Costume

This double dare costume was so fun to wear. Anyone who has ever seen the show came up and complimented me because you just don’t see it often. The costume was pretty easy to make. It was more about buying the pieces.

What You’ll Need for the Double Dare Costume:

1. Helmet (like the one in the picture) that has some air holes in the top: I got a cheap white one at Walmart and spray-painted it yellow.

2. Yellow Spray Paint.

3. Knee Pads and Elbow Pads: I found these at a Goodwill.  You can also order new, but they are quite expensive.  If I couldn’t have found them at Goodwill, I would’ve checked Craigslist or Ebay.

4. Tennis Shoes and Socks.

5. A Red or Blue Double Dare Shirt: I bought mine on, but I know other sites sell them too.

6. Red or Blue Shorts to Match Your Double Dare Shirt: I got a pair of Soffee shorts at a sporting goods store. They matched the color and fabric of the shirt perfectly.

7. Painter or Chemical Goggles: I bought these for $3 at Home Depot.

8. Lime Green Colored Paint.

9. A Clear-ish, Plastic Cup or Bowl.

10. Something to Make a Defined Line. (I used Black Electrician’s Tape)

11. Ribbon or Yarn (to tie the bowl or cup onto the helmet through the holes in the top of the helmet.

Making the Costume:

Obviously you just put on the shorts, T-shirt, socks, shoes, and pads. For the rest:

Goggles: Worn around the neck.


For the actual helmet part, if it’s not yellow already, you need to take it outside and spray paint it with your yellow spray paint. Mine took three coats. You’ll just have to see how it goes for how many coats your helmet will need.

For the slime-filled cup or bowl on the top, I used a bowl. I went and bought a cheap set of plastic bowls (I bought a set in case I messed up putting the holes in. I did mess up so I was happy to have extras). I took the bowl and using a scissors or knife, I pushed hard (be careful) through the plastic to make a small hole. I then made the hole a tiny bit bigger, but not so big that it would crack the bowl.

Then, I put my electrician tape around the bowl (about 1/2 way up the bowl) to make the slime “fill line”. Next, I took out my lime-green “slime” paint and painted the bottom of the bowl and up the sides painting a wavy pattern so it looked like moving slime. This took a couple of coats to get the right slime color too.

Finally, I took the ribbon (I had lime green ribbon so it would blend it) and put the ribbon through the holes (starting on the side of the bowl) and pushed the ribbon through the bowl holes and through the holes of the helmet until the loose ends were inside the helmet so I could tie them together in there.

The helmet is done and your look is complete!

Get ready for tons of compliments and nostalgia shared with complete strangers who love your outfit.

Awesome Double Dare Contestant Costume

Awesome Double Dare Contestant Costume

Awesome Double Dare Contestant Costume

Awesome Double Dare Contestant Costume

Awesome Double Dare Contestant Costume

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