The Price Is Right Contestant Costume

This halloween i decided to become a price is right contestant. Im OBSSESED with the show and it would be a dream come true to go to the show. but obviously that cant be done soo decided to become a contestant in spirit.  overall i spent 20-30 dollars on the costume. below is how i made it !


i went to michaels and bought a plain purple shirt . i decorated the shirt with popular sayings you hear on the show like “come on down” or “pick me” . i used fabric paint to make these sayings. since i always like to be crafty ive already had the fabric paint. To make the logo i bought iron photo printing paper and printed the logo and ironed it to the shirt. Next i print the name tag from google with regular printing paper. I than in full caps i wrote my name in the name tag using a sharpie. I than taped it to my shirt.


for the board i bought 3 different colours of bristol board from a dollar store. one light blue ,one dark green and one white.

i cut out a long rectangle and glue it on a carboard piece from a box. With the white bristol board i cut it out so that i would make a border around the green rectangle. i than painted the white boarder with paint . mixing a white and green paint to make it a lighter green. Using the light blue bristol board i cut out numbers and glued it on the green part of the board . i chosed the number 1781 because i thought i t would be funny to do the seventeen eighty ONE cause usually on the show some people with beat the previous guesser with a number up and they end up wining.

i than had some string and tied it to ends of the board and measured it around my neck.



i used a 3 black pipe cleaners and twisted them around to make them strong to hold of the ball part of the mic. i glued it to the back of the board. i than painted a styrofoam ball black and stuck it throught the pipe cleaner.

OVERALL..this costume had a tons of laughs ! because everyone knew what the show is and all people ask was to do a scence if i were to be on it and guessing. It was a fun and hilarious night and i regret nothing about this costume :)

The Price Is Right Contestant Costume

The Price Is Right Contestant Costume

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