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Coolest Homemade Power Rangers Halloween Costume

I loved watching Power Rangers when I was a kid. Did a little research and came up with this Homemade Power Rangers Halloween Costume !

For the suit, I went to Hancock fabrics and bought a unitard pattern and yellow lyrica fabric and a little bit of white for the design. I attached a zipper in the back for the unitard to get in and out of the costume easier.

I cut out the white fabric in diamonds and double layered them, sewing them together, and used fabric glue to attach them to the unitard, then stitched them on to make sure they would stay. For the neck piece, I used the white fabric and sewed a ‘collar’ It was nice that the fabric was stretchy because it could easily be slipped over your head.

The helmet was the hardest part. At first, I tried to find a helmet that I could just cover with yellow craft foam, but they were all too big and bulky, and pricey. I was making a late night run to Walmart and passed the candy isle. I saw a Spiderman candy pail that opened out on the sides. I decided this would be perfect for a helmet. I cut out the bottom of the candy pail, took off the handle, and cut out the window for the eyes. and an area for the mouth (I used a picture I found online for a guide) I went to Ace hardware and bought the thin clear plastic sheet for the face shield (it comes in a big roll and they can cut it for you) covered it with some window tint that I had laying around the house. Attached that to the cut out part of the helmet with hot glue gun.

I bought a sheet of silvery craft foam for my daggers and the mouth piece and the straps for the helmet. I heated the silver foam to shape it like lips and cut a slit so I could breathe (and drink through a straw.) Since the yellow craft foam isn’t shiny, I had to ‘treat’ it before I could attach it. I covered it with fabric glue (its flexible so doesn’t crack when you bend it)put a layer of Future floor polish on it to make it shiny after the glue dried. Then hot glued it to the helmet. Since I took the handle of the pail off, the foam was what held the helmet together. I added some Velcro to both sides of the helmet and covered it with the silver foam to make ‘straps’ that fastened both sides of the helmet together.

The daggers are just scraps of cardboard covered with the craft foam. And I already had the white gloves.

I had extra fabric, and made a skirt to cover up. I ran out of time to look for boots, so I wore a pair of flats, covered them with white craft foam, and just stapled a sheet around each calf to make the rest of the boot. I wasn’t very satisfied with my boots, but the costume overall turned out great!

Unitard pattern- $8
Fabric – $16
Craft foam – $ 4
Candy pail for helmet -$1

I spent about $30 for the costume and had the rest of the stuff already. It took me about a week to figure out how to make the helmet and a week to put the whole thing together.

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