For our Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo Halloween costumes I went to the thrift store and bought 2 old leather coats, a twill skirt and a suede skirt and a plain white skirt. bought a black and blonde wig, brown tights, brown pants, and purple contacts online. And bought cork coasters, leather cord, hemp cord, Faux fur, gold spray paint, beads. At Walmart I got play knives, brown gloves, brown tights. All together it cost me about $150 in supplies.

For Drogo’s costume I cut the leather coat into rectangles and punched holes in a circle and secured the pieces together with leather cord. I hot glue gunned designs on the coasters and painted them gold, attached them together to make the belt, I then cut pieces of the faux fur into strips and attached them and gold beads to the belt to make the front, loin cloth like pelt peice. For his leather gloves and bracers, I took cheapie brown Walmart gloves, cut the fingers off and hot glued strips of leather onto them in patterns while they were on his hands for they would be a perfect fit. I took a large piece of leather and wrapped it around his arm securing in this other bits of leather and leather cord. I made a goatee out of elastic and and some hair I cut off of a wig I had used for a previous Halloween and wrapped the hemp cord. I painted his shoulders with dark blue paint, slapped a wig on him, pony tailed his hair and he was set.

For Daenerys Costume I cut up the twill skirt and sewed it into a make shift top. Breaded the hemp cord and used it as the accent around the top. I Cut the bottom off the plain white shirt and used the top as a band and sewed 2 strips of the suede shirt I had cut apart around the sides. I strung different beads and attached them to the white band of the skirt. I made gloves for me using the same technique as Drogo’s. The Dragon egg I made of paper mache a balloon, gluing bits of leather I cut into half circles and then spray painting them brown and then gold. I wore tights and boots with what I made, wore violet contacts and a blonde wig to complete my look.

It was pretty easy costume to make over all and I put it together in about 3 evenings after work. Although most people had no idea who we were, we had a ton of fun being a war lord and mother of the dragons :)