Coolest Clue Characters Group Halloween Costume

Coolest Clue Characters Group Halloween Costume

I love to dress up.  No matter the holiday, theme, or occasion I will find a way to costume-it-up.  So, obviously I love Halloween.  Each year, I commit days, weeks, (and this year) the past few months to putting together my Halloween costumes.  I put blood, sweat, and tears into designs for myself and my … Read more

Clue Family Group Costume

Clue Family Group Costume

Every year we participate in an area costume contest, individually, and lose to a family group. We decided to have some fun losing by doing our own family group, but on the cheap side. Brainstorming during a power outage, as we played Clue, we hit upon the perfect idea. My eldest daughter already had a … Read more

Coolest Clue Game Group Costume

Homemade Clue Game Group Costume

This is a picture of our Clue Game Group Costume. I’ll start with my costume, Miss Scarlet. The dress was actually my old prom dress, which I got for a bargain price of $15. Any red dress would do. Completed the costume with gloves, heels and a long cigarette holder. Next is Mrs. Peacock, hers … Read more

Coolest Clue Characters Group Costume

Homemade Clue Characters Group Costume

The Clue Characters Group Costume is different characters from the classic movie and board game Clue. The group includes: Bosworth, Mr Green, Mrs Peacock, Yvette, Professor Plum, Mrs. O, Miss Scarlett and Mrs. White. The guests at the party LOVED this idea and the movie was playing on all the TV during the party. It … Read more

Coolest Homemade Clue Characters Group Costume

Homemade Clue Characters Group Costume

My housemates and I decided it would be great to get together as the characters from Clue(do). Using pieces we already owned and making new ones we were able to create some great costumes! We also made most of our weapons, which were essential for this idea to work. Miss Scarlet-A fancy red gown. Mrs. … Read more

Coolest Clue Cast Group Costume

Homemade Clue Cast Group Costume

My friends and I have had three Clue murder mystery dinner parties over the years– 2000, 2006, and 2009. The one we had this last January was about as lavish and over the top as I could possibly make it! I was very focused on the Clue Cast Group Costume and was meticulous about portraying … Read more

Coolest Clue Game Group Costume Idea

Coolest Homemade Group Costume Idea

We had a group costume idea for the Clue game. We got the game card pieces from the game Clue (and pinned each card to our costumes). Most of the items we bought at thrift shops, Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Mrs. White wore a bonnet, apron and black dress. Mr. Green wore a green … Read more