Coolest Clue Game Group Costume

This is a picture of our Clue Game Group Costume. I’ll start with my costume, Miss Scarlet. The dress was actually my old prom dress, which I got for a bargain price of $15. Any red dress would do. Completed the costume with gloves, heels and a long cigarette holder.

Next is Mrs. Peacock, hers was also an old prom dress. Her head piece which is hard to see in the picture is just a barrette with peacock feathers glues to it. Completed with gloves and heels.

For Mr. Green and Professor Plum we had difficulties finding suits in the corresponding colors. We instead bought white and tan suits at a thrift store and spray painted accordingly. (We first tried Rit Dye, but they didn’t dye the correct color.) Completed with green & purple dress shirts and ties. (Mr. Green’s hat wasn’t part of the costume.)

Mrs. White was very easy. We used a black dress and an apron. Complete with a cameo necklace.

Colonel Mustard’s was probably the most difficult. We used a yellow colored suit jacket from a thrift store, along with a pair of khaki dress pants. For his monocle with took a pair of cheap reading glasses from the dollar store and broke them apart. We then found a piece of gold chain and glued it to the oval ‘monocle’. He only has the monocle in for the pictures, otherwise we pinned it to his jacket. We used a black dress shirt and safari hat. We had a friend who was in the service and used his pins to complete the costume, but they wouldn’t be difficult to make some out of paper.

As for the weapons, we had a candle stick we borrowed from a friend’s house, a toy revolver, some rope, a wrench from the dollar store, a plastic knife we spray painted silver and for the lead pipe we used a paper towel roll that we spray painted.

The Clue Game Group Costume was a lot of fun and fairly easy to put together once you have all the pieces. I had a lot of fun that night!