Coolest Clue Cast Group Costume

My friends and I have had three Clue murder mystery dinner parties over the years– 2000, 2006, and 2009. The one we had this last January was about as lavish and over the top as I could possibly make it! I was very focused on the Clue Cast Group Costume and was meticulous about portraying each character through their ensemble as well as making sure each suspect wore as much of their color on as possible!

(New Characters)
Mr. Black- Black tuxedo jacket, slacks, shirt, tie, belt, dress shoes, gold wedding band, and ivory cigarette holder with a black clove cigarette with a gold band.

Outfit was put together from my closet and my dads. Cigarette holder was my great grandmas and the black cigarettes, Sampoerna blacks, are no longer made in the US.

Mrs. Black- Black silk and lace evening gown, pumps, diamond wedding ring, two bracelets, and earrings.

*Black gown was “Mrs. White’s” prom dress, diamond wedding ring belongs to “Mrs. Black’s mom, other diamond jewelry is costume and from my mom.

(Original Characters)
Mrs. Peacock- Blue velvet gown, suede pumps, sapphire necklace, earrings, bracelet, sapphire and diamond ring, diamond wedding ring, peacock feather in hair.

*Velvet gown bought off eBay, shoes belonged to “Peacock”, costume jewelry bought off eBay or belongs to my mom.

Mrs. White- White blazer and skirt, beige corset, pearl necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring, diamond ring, white sandal heels, long white fur coat (not pictured).

*Blazer and skirt belong to my mom (from the late 80’s), corset and fur coat belong to “White’s” mom, costume and real jewelry belong to my mom.

Miss Scarlet- Red cocktail dress, red pumps, ruby and diamond necklace, earrings, and ring.

*Dress and shoes belong to “Scarlet”, bought at Dillards, costume jewelry bought off eBay.

Colonel Mustard- Mustard blazer, military awards, white shirt, yellow tie, black slacks, belt, and shoes.

*Blazer belongs to my dad, military medals are medals from my track days in high school, tie is also mine, the rest belongs to “Mustard”.

Dr. Green- Green suit, shirt, tie, belt, and black shoes.

*Everything but the shoes belongs to my dad.

Professor Plum- Plum blazer, bowtie, argyle, sweater vest, white shirt, gray pants, black shoes.

*Blazer and bowtie bought off ebay, sweater vest is my dads, rest is “Plum’s”.

Ivory handled silver dagger- bought off eBay for $350
Revolver- bought off eBay (prop gun)
Leadpipe- found in art room in high school
Wrench- bought at flea market
Rope- found in friend’s garage
Candlesticks- wedding gift of my uncle and his ex-wife, after divorce my mom inherited them!
Poison- glass antique spice bottle, with crushed up diet pills as the poison.

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