I had so much fun putting together the Mrs. Lovett costume.  I checked several photos, watched the movie again (3 times for mannerisms) and checked several homemade costumes as well.  I noticed that I don’t have to look exactly like Helena Bonham Carter’s (HBC) character, which was encouraging.  The best advice I can give, is to plan early.  I started checking thrift shops in September.

SKIRT – I found a wonderful light blue prairie dress that fit, but it was a dress.  So, I turned it into a skirt with an elastic waist, which was fine since it would be covered with the corset.  Then I had to dye it a dark brown with Rit Dye, two bottles for the amount of fabric I had.  The skirt was already a little tattered which was awesome for poor Mrs. Lovett.

CORSET – I already had this in my bag of things for my costumes.  If I hadn’t had one, I most likely would have gotten one that wasn’t so shiny, but this one worked just fine for me.

LACE TOP – another awesome find from a thrift shop.  The neckline was too high and it had a satin liner.  I carefully removed the satin liner with a seam ripper as to not rip any lace too.  Then I cut a “V” neck and no binding.

BLOOMERS – I found a pink polka dot pair of pajama’s.  This was perfect for me.  Although HBC’s character had red bloomers, I wear something pink everyday in October (Breast Cancer Awareness).

RED FRILL ON TOP – I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to do this.  Then I found an awesome black bra with a red ruffle on top.  This showed perfectly through the lace top.

LACE GLOVES – These should be fingerless. Found for $5 in a costume shop.  I picked these particular ones with the ruffle since the shirt I had didn’t have one.  (I forgot to put the gloves on when I took the first picture.)

LACE-UP BOOTS – I also had these in my wardrobe of shoes already.  I actually saw quite a few pairs while I was thrift shopping.

HAIR – This was fun. My hair is already red. I watched a few YouTube videos on how to do the hair and I chose the one with some of the curls hanging down.  First I curled my hair all over with a 1/2”curling iron, pinned small locks to my head.  Then teased the heck out of it.  And LOTS of hairspray.  By the third night I wore the costume, I had really figured out how to do the hair right and make it look bigger and messy and still have some curls.

MAKEUP – Mrs.Todd is not white.  She is fair skinned.  I found an IVORY base makeup and used this from the showing cleavage area up and covered my face (including my eyes).  I used a plum blush very low on the cheek line.  I also used this same plum as the base for the eye makeup.  Then I used a rust color shadow closest to the eye on top and bottom. I wanted my eyes to stand out, so I also used some fake lashes and I darkened my brows.  She had natural colored lips, so I went with a muted orange similar in color to the rust shadow.  There are several videos on her makeup too.

ACCESSORIES – I kept a rolling pin with me at locations that didn’t consider it a weapon.  And I also added a little black bag to carry my ID, phone, keys and lipstick.  Oh, and I also brought along a Sweeney Todd character – I think he was pretty good too!  One night was a little chillier than the others, so I took along my brown velour coat and an old hat – the necklace for that night only (I didn’t see Mrs. Lovett with any jewelry) was a gift from a friend.

This was a fun and somewhat sexy costume.  Plus it was warm for the October night air walking from the car to the Halloween party.  I had all kinds of awesome comments and one guy told me that my costume was better than my Sweeney Todd’s costume (which I also put together).