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Coolest Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd Halloween Costume

This year I was Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd. I studied several photographs of her costume and tried to recreate it as close as possible (even down to red and black pantaloons – see small inserted picture). I do all of my own sketching, draft my own patterns and do all of the sewing.

The fabric for the skirt is as close of a match as I could find for the “poor” version of Mrs. Lovett. It’s a Victorian bussle skirt with a 3 tier ruffle in back… just like the actual costume. The blouse has a butterscotch taffeta lining covered in black chiffon.

I hand beaded the blouse with gold glass seed beads around the neck line and black seed beads on the upper portion of the bodice and top portion of the sleeves. Three different types of lace were used on the blouse. At the front, I have an inset of black lace with red and black netting that snaps in. The pantaloons have 2 types of black lace to make the design and even have a ruffled rump (not showing). I have a black corset waist of boned Lycra which hooks in front. I am wearing black lace fingerless gloves.

Since I’ve been baking tasty meat pies from the supply of fresh meat I’ve acquired from Mr. Todd, I am holding my rolling pin and an example of one of the meat pies. This one I believe is “Lawyer Pie”.

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