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Coolest Homemade Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett Couple Costume

Our Homemade Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett Couple Costume was formulated the day before Halloween and could not have come out better! Ransacking various local Goodwill Superstores we were able to locate the pieces we needed in addition to pieces we implemented from home.

For Sweeney Todd: From the Goodwill Superstore we located a woman’s one button jacket in khaki. Using a woman’s jacket allowed for a tighter and shorter fit. After purchasing the jacket we proceeded by: 1) undoing the stitching of the sleeves to detach both sleeves from the jacket 2) creating a button whole on the side of the jacket where the original button lay in order to create a double breasted look, 3) cutting off the collar of the jacket to leave only the lapel and, 4) dyed the jacket in black dye (since the jacket was a polyester it took to the dye in a manner that left the jacket burnt and not black). We then used a regular collared white shirt (with the collar popped), a black tie (overlapped vs. actually knotted), black winter mittens with the tips of the fingers cut off, a barber blade with safety, and regular striped pants. The wig was created using a wig with the curl in the front (“Grease” style) combed up and a white striped sprayed in the front.

For Mrs. Lovett: Locating a Petticoat from the Goodwill Superstore we dyed the petticoat, my own lace undershirt, and vest (mentioned above from Sweeney Todd) all in the same shot. I then sewed red lace to the front of the undershirt by crinkling the lace and sewing it together tightly. I then cut the tips off of black lace gloves and put a black corset over the lace undershirt and petticoat. I had a “tocado” (Spanish hairpiece) pinned to my head and carried a rolling pin.

The makeup for both characters was created by using white face paint and caramel/burnt brown color paint around eyes and at cheekbones to create a gaunt look.

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