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Homemade Sweeney Todd Child Costume

My son Thomas, this year wanted to be Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of fleet street! Firstly we used a wig we already had and painted a section of it white, the easiest way we found to do this was with Ti-pex. We then re-used a shirt he’d used before and covered the sleeve in blood, the trousers are just Black school trousers, the waistcoat is something he uses already. I used an old glasses case for the razor holder which attached to the belt that is worn around the hips.

The “bloody” cloth he has hanging from his belt is an old baby Muslin square, cut to size and splattered with blood. So as to get a realistic feel to the whole ensemble, we needed a real cut throat razor,  I asked our friend, who is a barber, If we could borrow one of his actual cut throat razor’s, he agreed and we removed the blade and replaced it with a piece of thick card, painted silver and dipped in blood. The neck tie is just an old belt that came as part of a cardigan I had. His gloves were purchased from the local charity shop, they are leather, I just cut the fingers off so as to make them fingerless like Sweeney’s!

Everyone loved the costume, It’s not everyday that Sweeney Todd knocks on your door!! The whole outfit cost me around £1.50.

Homemade Sweeney Todd Child Costume

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