Homemade Sweeney Todd Child Costume

Homemade Sweeney Todd Child Costume

My son Thomas, this year wanted to be Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of fleet street! Firstly we used a wig we already had and painted a section of it white, the easiest way we found to do this was with Ti-pex. We then re-used a shirt he’d used before and covered the sleeve in … Read more

Homemade American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman Costume

Homemade American Psycho's Patrick Bateman Costume

This is my son Ben. He decided he wanted to be Patrick Bateman from American psycho this year. It’s really easy to make. We took a white school shirt and splattered it with blood, added a pair of black braces to his black school trousers. The tie was from our local charity shop. we gelled … Read more

Charlie Brown Costume for World Book Day

Charlie Brown Costume for World Book Day

My 9 year old’s school was holding a “World book day” costume day and my son, Thomas, wanted to be completely different! We chose to do “Charlie Brown”. He wanted to have the biggest head ever, so, we went to Rhyl, a small seaside town near us, as that was the only place to buy … Read more

Last Minute Frankenstein’s Monster Halloween Costume for a Boy

Last Minute Frankenstein's Monster Halloween Costume for a Boy

My 8 year old son, Thomas, has Asperger’s and wanted to be something totally different from anyone else! As always, every year, we make a costume rather that get a shop bought one, we like to be unique! He said he wanted to be Frankenstein’s monster. We started by thouroughly cleaning out a car fluid … Read more

Cool DIY Illusion Homemade Headless Costume

Homemade Headless Costume

This is how we made my son’s homemade Headless Halloween costume: We bought an old coat from the local charity shop (an XL man’s coat). We filled an old hiking backpack with rags to bulk it out and put it on my son’s back. The coat was then placed over the backpack and buttoned up … Read more

Coolest Red Nose Day 2011 Comic Relief Costume

Homemade Red Nose Day 2011 Comic Relief Costume

My son’s school was allowed to wear something red for school to raise money for Comic relief and I thought rather than wear something red he could go dressed as a Red Nose Day 2011 Comic Relief Costume! I started by hand sewing 2 pillows together then putting them inside a man’s red t-shirt. I … Read more