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Last Minute Frankenstein’s Monster Halloween Costume for a Boy

My 8 year old son, Thomas, has Asperger’s and wanted to be something totally different from anyone else! As always, every year, we make a costume rather that get a shop bought one, we like to be unique! He said he wanted to be Frankenstein’s monster. We started by thouroughly cleaning out a car fluid bottle that would fit his head, cut it to shape, put 3 layers of papier mache on it, slighty crimped it to form veins, waited for it to dry then painted it green. When that was dry we got a cocktail stick dipped in fake blood and hand did all the veins red. We glued hair on the top and stuck 2 bolts to his neck. The outfit just consisted of his brothers old school blazer, a white t shirt and an old (too small) pair of black pull on trousers. The boots were bought from the local charity shop and I cut out the tongue and the front portion leaving the rest of the boot intact and only the sole in the front, he then wore a thick  pair of socks with an extra pair rolled up and stuffed into the toes to make it look like he had burst out of his shoes! The whole outfit cost me about £2 to make. The neighbours absolutely loved it!!

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