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Coolest Evil Sweeney Todd Homemade Costume

Last year I went all out searching every where to get the exact clothing that Johnny Depp wore for the movie Sweeney Todd. It took me 2 months to complete this Evil Sweeney Todd Homemade Costume.

The vest was a vintage 18th century from Singapore, the razor is the same replica used in the movie found off eBay, the blue pin strip pants I found at Haggers dress shop, the leather belt which is the same design as the one in the movie right down to the buckle loop and the leather razor holder all came from eBay.

The wig came from costume express. I grew my own side burns, the white shirt is a Nautica button up dress shirt. I have many pictures of this and am willing to show them if asked.

Have a happy Halloween. By the way, this year I’m doing Miami Vice “Sonny Crockett”.

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