I’ve always been a huge Halloween buff, and I’ve especially always loved Sweeney Todd. I wanted to be Mrs. Lovett for Halloween for years now, but I could never get anyone to agree to be my Sweeney Todd. Then I met my amazing boyfriend. He loved the costume idea as much as I did and we both got very involved in the process. After scouring the internet for weeks, I finally found a perfect Sweeney Todd costume for my boyfriend. His costume was, for the most part, done. (I acquired the scarf, handkerchief, pants, and shoes myself.)

As a college student, I don’t have much free time. I knew that I disliked the pre-packaged Mrs. Lovett costumes, but I wasn’t sure how to go about making my own. After scouring the internet again, I finally found some tips on how to go about making my own costume. I enlisted the help of my mom – who had never really made anything this complicated before – and we began the process of buying various fabrics and lace, measuring, sewing, dyeing, scrunching, and hemming. The catch was by the time I had figured out what to do, we had only a week till my Halloween party. Although I helped my mom figure out how to start, she single-handedly made my whole costume from scratch in the period of one week. She tried very hard to make it movie accurate, and I think it came out amazingly.

At my Halloween party, all my friends thought my costume looked great, and were especially impressed that it was homemade and only took a week to make. I was just so happy that I finally got to be Mrs. Lovett for Halloween, and I had my Sweeney Todd with me.