Coolest Sweeney Todd Costume

Halloween last year, my wife and I made this Sweeney Todd Costume. Hayley did all the craftsmanship while I was the architect.

I found a Dorothy Perkins ladies jacket on Ebay, which looked the part for the double breasted waistcoat, a dinner shirt, and an old jumper to complete the look.

After removing the arms from the jacket, I soaked it in bleach for 24hrs to drain it of colour, Hayley then sewed buttons (removed from the pocket) next to the current buttons on the front of the jacket to give it the appearance it was double breasted. With the remainders of the sleeves my wife made a knife pouch.

The dinner shirt was brilliant white, so we soaked it in a bucket of tea to give it that old, dirty look and then flicked blood over the cuffs. We also cut a small white cloth as a napkin, which we also tea stained, again for affect I put fake blood on a dinner knife and whipped it clean, to give it authentic blood stains.

For the gloves we cut the ends of a pair of grey socks. I lightly used talcum powder on my face to make me pale instead of white makeup, looked good at the beginging of the night but came off in about one hour.

The trousers are my work clothes and my hair is naturally that bad (minus the colour).

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