I wanted to make a theme with all 4 of my kids and thank GOD they loved my idea! My eldest daughter was the Mad Hatter, my other daughter was a huge tea cup, my son was the white rabbit, and my youngest daughter was a lavender tea bag.

I got the Mad Hatter felt jacket, striped tuxedo shirt, her daddy’s old wide pink tie, and plaid pants from Goodwill. The hat I made with cardboard, vintage sequined fabric, peacock feathers, and violet-purple shiny taffeta fabric for the bow. I also handmade fabric flowers to pin onto the jacket.

For the tea cup, I got foam and cut shapes for the teacup. The same violet-purple shiny taffeta fabric, I wrapped the foam pieces around it and stitched them on. As soon as the pieces were all covered, I stitched the pieces together (that was very hard) and reinforced it with hot glue. Then I attached a handmade fabric flower to tie in with the group theme. Oh and a little, “Drink me” sign for her to hold up.

For the White Rabbit, I bought remnants of white faux fur, and gold plated chain for the pocket watch.  His suit jacket is vintage given by his grandma.  His vest, tie, white gloves and shirt we already had in his closet. I handmade the mask and also gave it a pink nose. I also covered his feet with white fur.  I pinned on hand cut hearts onto his jacket with handmade flowers.  I made the pocket watch with cardboard and attached it onto the gold chain to place on his vest.

The little lavender tea bag was simple.  The fabric was interfacing so it has the transparency of a real tea bag.  The lavender inside were strips of the purple-violet fabric and dead dry leaves from our yard.  On her head, I made pins of a tea set for her to wear on her hair. lol

This one was very challenging to do but well worth it.  All of them won the costume contest that year.  It was a total sweep!