My brother and sister-in-law were married October 2011 and it was a Halloween wedding with everyone in costume. I had to represent! My best friend and I saw the original Hairspray movie at the theater together back in the late 80’s so we decided to be Tracy Turnblad and Penny Pingleton for the wedding.

I decided that I could not just be Tracy – I had to be Tracy Turnblad in the Roach Dress Costume!  I found the baby pink plus-size prom dress on Ebay and had it altered to fit me perfectly. I found a silhouette of a roach on Google Images and cut it out as a stencil. I spent many nights watching TV and cutting roaches out of felt (the sheets of felt with the sticky back – very important!) I do not have bangs naturally so I ordered some bangs online and tried to get a color that was darker than my natural color so it would look like the VERY frosted ‘do of Tracy’s in the movie. (When they arrived in the mail, they were not as dark as I had hoped, but they still worked.)

I had my hair professionally styled the day of the wedding to achieve the proper height of teasing I knew I could not do on my own. I made the “Miss Auto Show 1963″ banner out of ribbon and stick-on felt letters. I wore my daughter’s princess crown, but added a tiny pink bow on the front to make it more “Tracy.”  I wore pink frosted lipstick and eyeshadow with heavy black eyeliner for the 60’s vibe.

It came together nicely and I was very proud to be Tracy!