Coolest Homemade Cross Dressing Professor Plum and Miss Scarlet Couple Costume

I have always loved Halloween and dressing up as something interesting. Obviously, Clue characters have been done before, but my boyfriend and I love the game and wanted to do a Homemade Cross Dressing Professor Plum and Miss Scarlet Couple Costume anyway. After searching through four thrift stores for purple suits, the idea simultaneously came to us to make it sillier and do a cross dressing version. It was hilarious to watch people’s reactions while my boyfriend was trying on dresses. We found him a $5 red dress that fit perfectly, got him some size 12 ladies shoes for $2, and a boa for $4 at Hobby Lobby. His purse, wrench, pantyhose, jewelry and makeup were things I already owned. He makes a pretty sleazy looking Miss Scarlet!

As for Professor Plum (me), we found each piece of the suit in a different thrift store, but they ended up matching perfectly. (You have to be committed to finding just the right thing!) I also found a gold candlestick at a thrift store, but spray painted it a silver chrome color to make it more true to the game. I also found a pipe and spray painted that silver. I made my mustache out of craft fur (found at Hobby Lobby for $2). I punched the lenses out of a pair of reading glasses I bought at the Dollar Tree. Overall, the Professor Plum costume was about $20, a little more than I normally spend, but well worth it. Plus, I can keep the purple suit for other costumes!

I scanned in the Clue card images and edited our pictures into them using Photoshop for a fun keepsake. Our friends loved it. Looking back, I wish we would have made huge cards to hold over our faces—that would have been so cool! I suggest someone else try that sometime!