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Coolest Homemade Captain Underpants Costumes

How thrilling is it to dress up as your favorite television and movie character? Especially when the character in question is an imaginary one who has come to life from a comic book. The joy and excitement as George and Harold’s creation of Captain Underpants comes to life is captured in the DIY costumes here. Therefore, you must check out these awesome Captain Underpants costumes.

It’s one thing for kids to go crazy over this series, but when a teacher shares the love, it’s something special. One fifth grade teacher really committed to his homemade costume by shaving his longtime beard. All the kids in school had amazing reactions, which made it all worth it. Best of all, making his DIY costume was easy and fun!

So make the hilarious books and movies into a reality this Halloween by creating Captain Underpants costumes of your own. Inspire others by sharing your homemade costumes with us here!