Awesome Homemade Alien Xenomorph Costume for Halloween

An Alien Xenomorph Invades Plano, TX!!

Here’s how our homemade Alien Xenomorph costume came to life. My son Joshua has always had a fascination with natural and fictitious creatures like Dinosaurs and Dragons.  His love of scary monsters evolved to the creepiest monster ever featured in movies: The Alien Xenomorph in the Alien films.  He has had an intense fascination with … Read more

How A P-5000 Aliens Power Loader Saved Our Halloween

How A P-5000 Aliens Power Loader Saved Our Halloween

I was almost afraid that this would have surely been my last Halloween I celebrated with my son.  Afterall, he was a teenager now and I wasn’t quite sure how his generation had interpreted the whole let’s dress up, go out, and get candy sorta thing.  Ever since he was a little boy he had … Read more

Coolest Aliens Powerloader Costume

Homemade Aliens Powerloader Costume

Every year we host a Halloween Party and this year’s theme was Sci-fi. For her costume, my girlfriend and I recreated one of the most memorable pieces from modern sci-fi…Ripley’s powerloader from Aliens. It took 180 hours over the course of 10 weeks, stands over seven feet tall, and of course has moving legs, arms, … Read more

Classy DIY Alien Queen Costume

Classy DIY Alien Queen Costume

Movie monsters of the 1980’s and 90’s have been a huge influence on my personal artwork, and I wanted to make something BIG that I could use for both Halloween and Comic Con.  The Alien Queen, from “Aliens 2,” is savage and frightening, but also had a lot of potential to be elegant.  When I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Costumes: Mini Ripley and Fluffy the Xenomorph

So here’s me in my scratch-built EVA foam Xenomorph costume, and my daughter in her mini Ripley get up. The rifle is foam and the back of an old Ikea cabinet. We wanted to do something a little different and, well, we’re both big (well, she isn’t that big) kids. The costumes and props themselves … Read more

Ripley and Chest-Busting Alien Halloween Couples Costume

Ripley and Chest-Busting Alien Halloween Couples Costume

The chest-buster shirt is just a t-shirt with the chest-buster sewn in. The Ripley outfit is baggy green/avocado pants found on eBay, a plain white shirt, suspenders strapped to a belt around the upper torso, Reebok shoes, and of course, the “M41-A pulse rifle” with a shoulder strap (men’s fabric belt) wrapped around it. Everyone … Read more

Coolest Alien Queen Costume

Homemade Alien Queen Costume

I built a Queen from the 1986 James Cameron movie ‘Aliens’. The head was built on a base of foamboard insulation, then used sprayfoam insulation for shapes. The front incorporates a plastic skull from a costume shop, and I used black plastic to make the shiny skin of the head itself and spray painted the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Female Alien Invader Costume

Homemade Female Alien Invader Costume

I wanted to design a costume that was loosely based on the aliens from the James Cameron Alien movie but more of a humanoid form and leaning towards sexy rather than scary. I couldn’t do some of the things I wanted to do on my Female Alien Invader Costume using Lycra or other materials, so … Read more

Coolest Alien Family Costume

Coolest Alien Family Costume 14

Last year I decided that I wanted to make my son an Alien for Halloween, but I wanted to do the one from the movie Alien. But knowing that my husband and I would be going to a Halloween party where a lot of people really put some effort into their costumes, I decided that … Read more