Coolest Homemade Costumes: Mini Ripley and Fluffy the Xenomorph

So here’s me in my scratch-built EVA foam Xenomorph costume, and my daughter in her mini Ripley get up. The rifle is foam and the back of an old Ikea cabinet.

We wanted to do something a little different and, well, we’re both big (well, she isn’t that big) kids. The costumes and props themselves are made from recycled foam and scrap bits of stuff I had kicking about. They took me about 6 months to build with lots of swearing and glued fingers!

I decided to make this last year after I made a chest-buster for Comic Con and joked about him being grown up for the next one (this weekend). I kinda made a rod for my own back, as many sleepless nights trying to work out that jaw mechanism, the feet, the tail etc.

So yeah, I got him finished, and he’s making his public debut this Sunday (30th October 2016). My daughter will be accompanying me as Mini Ripley, so I decided to make her her very own m41A Pulse rifle out of foam and hardboard from her old chest of drawers. Though she says the trainers are hurty..I tell her I’ll swap her for my feet….