Cool NeverEnding Story Couple Costume

Coolest NeverEnding Story Couple Costume

I can’t express enough how happy these costumes made people! We wanted to do something completely original last year for Halloween. Since The NeverEnding Story was one of our favorite movies from both of our childhoods, we decided on Falcor and Atreyu NeverEnding Story Couple Costumes. Falkor had to be LARGE, since he’s a larger-than-life … Read more

Cool Atreyu and Falkor Dad and Daughter DIY Costume from Nevereding Story

Cool Homemade Dad and Daughter Costume - Atreyu and Falkor from Nevereding Story

My family loves costumes and dressing up for Halloween. Since our youngest child was born, I’ve really enjoyed dressing up with her. Our dad and daughter costumes have become something I look forward to every year. I’ve always loved the movie The Neverending Story. We’ve watched it many times as a family and recently my 7 … Read more

Coolest Neverending Story Couple Costume

Coolest Neverending Story Couple Costume

I love the 80’s so as a big fan of The Never ending Story I thought this would make the perfect costume for my husband and I to create for a party we were attending. It got such a great reaction from everyone except the young 20 year olds who were clueless. My kids loved … Read more

Amazingly Awesome Falkor and Atreyu Homemade Costume!

Amazingly Awesome Falkor and Atreyu Homemade Costume!

It’s the NEVERENDING STORY! One of my favorite movies from when I was a kid was the Neverending Story. It follows the adventures of Atreyu, Falkor, Bastian, and the Childlike Empress as they try and stop the “Nothing” from destroying their worlds. As a kid, I think everyone who saw the movie wanted to ride … Read more

Awesome Homemade Falcor the Luck Dragon Costume

Awesome Homemade Falcor the Luck Dragon Costume

The story of this costume begins with the dress.  I found this amazing piece at a local thrift store and the iridescent beaded bodice was too much to resist.  It was worthy of a Ru Paul runway show and I had to have it!  Already having a closet full of sparkly stuff, I needed a … Read more

The Never Ending…Costume: Falcon and Atreyu

The Never Ending...Costume: Falcon and Atreyu

Falcor and Atreyu Costume from Never Ending Story. Growing up I used to watch this movie all the time and after many years I finally figured out how I could make it into a worthwhile costume. In order to pull it off I needed to be able to have the base if the costume be … Read more

Coolest Homemade Neverending Story Halloween Costume

Homemade Neverending Story Halloween Costume

This homemade Neverending Story Halloween cosutme idea actually came from a friend of mine who thought I looked like the child-like empress. We used beads and wire from craft store to make the head piece and used hair pins to keep it in place. I went with a white dress from an old angel costume … Read more