David, my boyfriend is Atreyu and myself (Kristin) is the Childlike Empress/Moonchild from The Neverending Story. Our clothes were sewed by me from fabric we got at Wal-Mart. David used craft foam and fiberglass to make the Auryn pendant that he wears around his neck. He then poked holes in the edges of his shirt and laced them with leather straps.

I made my headpiece from pears and trinkets we found at Michaels Craft Store. I then hot glued them together after I fit them to my head- this took lots of team work! haha. I had a pair of black flats shoes laying around the house so I spray painted them white and added glitter. The book was a photo album and I used molding from Lowes for the edges and the Auryn on the book was made from craft foam and then I painted it. I painted the words for the cover of the book. So much fun!