Cool Atreyu and Falkor Dad and Daughter DIY Costume from Nevereding Story

My family loves costumes and dressing up for Halloween. Since our youngest child was born, I’ve really enjoyed dressing up with her. Our dad and daughter costumes have become something I look forward to every year.

I’ve always loved the movie The Neverending Story. We’ve watched it many times as a family and recently my 7 year old daughter asked if we could be the characters for Halloween.

We looked for inspiration online. My wife is pretty crafty and said we could make it happen. Most of Atreyu’s costume was made from revamping thrift store finds. My daughter suggested we cut her long hair short to really resemble Atreyu, but my wife decided to just pin her hair up.

As for Falkor, we all pitched in. We made him from an old blanket, papier-mâché, paint and some store bought fabric. For Falkor’s furry body, my wife followed a YouTube tutorial on how to make an adult onesie.

His head was a challenge. We sought advice from an artistic family member and decided to try papier-mâche. My wife made the base from rolled up newspapers and masking tape. Next we layered on the papier-mâché and waited for it to dry. Our daughter loved soaking the newspaper strips and helping layer them. It was actually a pretty fun family project.

Once his head was dry, we painted it white. Our daughter aslo helped with the painting process. My wife cut and glued on furry fabric and shiny sequin fabric. She also finished his eyes with a glass finish Mod Podge. We sewed his head to my old bicycle helmet so I could secure it and not have to worry about balancing it or having my vision obstructed. For his feet, we hot glued some cut up pieces of foam to a pair of my well worn sneakers and then covered them with scraps of that same old blanket.

My wife blew me away with what she came up with. We were very pleased and people in the neighborhood seemed to really enjoy our costumes (especially the parents). We had a blast being a Warrior and a Luck Dragon! Hope you enjoy our Neverending Story Daddy Daughter costume!

Cool Homemade Dad and Daughter Costume - Atreyu and Falkor from Nevereding Story

Cool Homemade Dad and Daughter Costume - Atreyu and Falkor from Nevereding Story