Cool DIY Anchorman Costumes and Lots of Character Costume Ideas

Coolest Homemade Character Costume Ideas

I searched the web for cool character costume ideas and finally decided on the Anchorman theme. My friends and I dressed as the Channel 4 News Team from Will Farrell’s Anchorman the Legend of Ron Burgundy! For Veronica I found a vintage 70’s looking blue suit at Goodwill and wore a polyester shirt I had … Read more

A Ron Burgundy Costume for a Woman

A Ron Burgundy Costume for a Woman

I am a true lover of Halloween and I usually start brainstorming my costume about 365 days in advance. Although I start planning incredibly early, I’m awesome at waiting until the last minute and this year was no different. I should start by saying that I am a 24-year-old girl, who is an avid red … Read more

Evening with Ron Burgandy and the Channel 4 News Team Costume

Evening with Ron Burgandy and the Channel 4 News Team Costume

It was the evening of October 12th. As usual, my three buddies and I were discussing potential costume ideas for upcoming area parties and contests. See, we love Halloween. We take this holiday very serious. It is the one time of year when you can be anything you want. However, whatever we do, we want to make sure we’re the … Read more

Homemade Anchorman Character Costume Ideas

Brady is 6 months old. As you can see he has a full head of hair which he was born with….and it never fell out. That is his real hair and he’s already had 6 professional haircuts to keep up with the growth. I was watching the movie Anchorman for the 12th time one day … Read more

Coolest Ron Burgandy Costume

Ron Burgandy Costume

This is my 6 year old Jake dressed in a Ron Burgandy costume. It couldn’t have been more simple. He already had a little suit and tie, so I slicked his hair over and gave him an awesome mustache made of mascara. We also had him find his toy microphone from his toy box and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Anchorman Group Costume

Homemade Anchorman Group Costume

My roommates and I decided to be the Anchorman news team for Halloween two years ago. So for our Homemade Anchorman Group Costume we got all of our suits, shirts, and ties at a local Goodwill store. They had a great selection of 70’s style suits and oddly colored shirts. I went as Brian Fantana … Read more

Coolest 3 Year Old as Ron Burgundy Anchorman Costume

Homemade 3 Year Old as Ron Burgundy Anchorman Costume

This is my 3 Year Old as Ron Burgundy Anchorman Costume for Halloween. I dressed up as Veronica Cornerstone. Even if you never saw the movie seeing my little guy dressed up like a 70’s news anchor was pretty funny. This is how we pulled it together- 1. I bought a one size to small … Read more

Coolest Anchorman Crew Group Halloween Costume

Homemade Anchorman Crew Group Halloween Costume

With one trip to the Goodwill, and another to the costume store for wigs, we were able to create the 4 news anchors of the Anchorman Crew Group Halloween Costume. Ron Burgundy: We found a great burgundy coat and pants that were plaid and the correct 70s cut. We paired that with a brown wig … Read more