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Coolest Anchorman Crew Group Halloween Costume

With one trip to the Goodwill, and another to the costume store for wigs, we were able to create the 4 news anchors of the Anchorman Crew Group Halloween Costume.

Ron Burgundy: We found a great burgundy coat and pants that were plaid and the correct 70s cut. We paired that with a brown wig and mustache from a costume store.

Brian Fantana: We found all suede items of clothing, even the shoes, at Goodwill. The wig was a “70s guy” wig that came with the side burns. The mustache was original with a little bit of makeup to make it darker and thicker.

Champ Kind: The sports coat was also bought at Goodwill. The hat and side burns were bought at the local costume store.

Brick Tamlin: We were able to find a pants/jacket combo at Goodwill. We got a wig from a costume store and cute quite a bit of hair off and put a lot of gel on it to give it the polished look that Brick has. For the glasses, we used old aviator sunglasses and popped out the lenses.

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