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A Ron Burgundy Costume for a Woman

I am a true lover of Halloween and I usually start brainstorming my costume about 365 days in advance. Although I start planning incredibly early, I’m awesome at waiting until the last minute and this year was no different.

I should start by saying that I am a 24-year-old girl, who is an avid red lipstick wearer, hair curler and dress twirler. To say the least, I am not a dude… until this year’s Halloween costume.

My 2014 Halloween costume was the one and only Ron Burgundy; a pantless Ron Burgundy, to be exact. Thank goodness it was the easiest costume to put together because I gave myself only hours to find something. After a busy week of classes, an overload of homework and working I finally found time to make my way to the Goodwill. It was as if it was all meant to be. I walked in and everything just came together so perfectly. I found the perfect jacket, which is obviously the most important. The shoes basically walked their way to me and the tie just popped out and tied itself to me. Finding the black socks, white button up and white boxers was a piece of cake or maybe I should say, it was as easy as a nice scotch.

Now, I had the entire outfit but I need one last thing; the infamous moustache. I was a little worried that I would look rather ridiculous and of course, being the girl that I am, I was concerned about not looking somewhat cute. I did it though, I put my jacket on and glued on my moustache and made my way out to the town.

People were yelling at me and throwing me high-fives all throughout the night. I guess I had no reason to worry because everyone knew who I was. I couldn’t walk more than five feet without someone quoting Anchorman to me. “Is that sex panther I smell?” “Stay Classy, San Diego.” “Ron Burgundy, you da man… oh wait, you da lady.”

Needless to say, my Ron Burgundy costume was a hit.

The fact that I had “Baxter” (my friend’s dog) to pose with me in my first picture really pulled it all together. This red lipstick wearing girl rocked a moustache like nobody’s business and loved every minute of it.

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