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15+ Magical Homemade Narnia Costumes

Browse through these homemade costumes and slip into the magical world of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia. You will see the enchanting characters come to life in this collection of stunningly crafted Narnia costumes. In addition, the beauty captured in these DIY costumes is truly breathtaking.

Feel like you have just stepped deep into the wardrobe when you don one of these incredible creations. By looking at the faces in this section, these homemade costumes seem completely transforming.

One popular costume choice is the White Witch. Ice cold inside and out, she is a formidable character to embody. It is amazing how chilling and effective these DIY costumes are. It seems like just one look will freeze children and adults alike.

So make the fantastical novels and movies into reality this Halloween by creating Narnia costumes of your own. Inspire others by sharing your ensembles with us here!