Coolest Narnia Costume

I really like unique ideas for costumes, and always make mine. I was inspired by Labyrinth and Narnia. It took me (and my sewing mother) a week to create this.

Legs: I bought “furry” fabric which was sewn into “shorts” with a drawstring to keep them up. They had elastics sewn in at the knees to keep it tight. We created the lower part of the legs separate with elastics to hold up at the knees, and they flared out at the bottom to cover my black boots that were “hooves”.

I also carved foam into “muscles” to make my legs appear as if they were bending the wrong way. I added a cute fluffy white tail. We pinned the legs at the knees together to stay in place the night of the party.

Top: I bought 2 brown tank tops, and cut the bottom into a diagonal shape for interest. I had to slit the top tank up the sides when it wouldn’t expand after I glued on the leaves, so the second tank had leaves only down the sides that showed through. I tied it up with string to keep it in place.

I bought fake ivy, cut it off the vine, and painted a few red, orange, yellow and brown to give interest. I hot-glued the leaves onto the top from the bottom up.

Pan flute: I cut wood doweling into different sizes, painted wood texture on it, and glued them together for a panflute necklace. I used a rough, braided rope as the chain.

I bought latex horns and used spirit gum to glue them to my forehead. I covered the seam that was noticeable with my bangs on one side, and ivy glued with latex on the other side.

I wore fake lashes (half lashes). I used a triple-barrel iron to crimp my hair, and just did a simple, shimmery makeup application. I focused on making my eyes a bit more animal like.

I won the costume contest and a great coffee maker!

Narnia Costume - Fawn

Narnia Costume - Fawn

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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