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Fun DIY Beetlejuice with Shrunken Head Costume

I try to come up with different things every year. This year I came up with Beetlejuice and shrunken head. The Beetlejuice was the less difficult one but the shrunken head was a challenge; but I love a good challenge. Our costume was a hit at the Halloween costume party. We felt like celebrities with all the pictures people wanted to take with us.


For beetlejuice we bought the suit at a Goodwill along with the white shirt. We bought the white ruffles for the shirt at wal-mart for $2.00 dollars and the bow tie and used a white pair of golf shoes we had. We made some tears on the suit and poured flour on it.

The wig was a half scalpe dirty blond wig we bought at the mall for $14.00. I dont think we spent more than $25.00 on his costume. I put his wig on and secured it with latex so it wouldnt slip off. Good thing he’s bald.

Next I painted his face all white except around the eyes. I scattered latex drops on my husbands side of the face, top part of the scalp and around the mouth and blow dried it for a quick dry. When the latex dries it leaves a glumpy surface so I used a sponge to put the green over the glumpy latex and it made it look like vomit. The more the better.

Next I went off to the eyes. Painted them completely black.

Lastly, I teased his hair, spray painted it with a bit of silver to give it that dirty look and Wala! Beetlejuice!

Shrunken Head Makeup

The Shrunken Head makeup took around an hour to do. The materials I used were Latex, cotton, brown thick string, kleenex, paints black(red, brown, white -mixed together to create a mauve color for face). I put latex around my eyes in a glasses shape, two latex lines on my forehead, and around my mouth making it look like a santa claus beard. I put cottons strips on top of all those latex lines.

Next I applied latex all over my face, even on top of the cotton and put one ply kleenex sheet cut up in different squares all over my face. Apply latex on top of all the kleenex and reapply kleenex and apply latex once again. Blow dry the face. Once dry you will see how hard the surface of your face is.

Start with the painting. I mixed three paints together, red, white, and brown, mostly white though to make that mauve look and applied it all over my face. I painted black lines on my nose for that skeletal nose look and lines on my forehead and neck.

Next I used latex and made latex dots all around my mouth and stuck the brown strings to make my mouth look sewn. I cut ping pong balls in half and made a hole in the middle to see, and painted blood veins around. You can look for a beetlejuice shrunken head makeup video on youtube which will adequately explain the procedures better than me.

Shrunken Head Body

For the body, I used my son’s school pants, my daughter’s brown boots and my husband’s brown shirt. I wrapped three towels around my shoulders and a scarf around my neck. Then I put on the shirt. I made a ponytail which I painted black and made sure it stood up.

This costume is one of the funnest inexpensive costumes I have ever done. It was a hit at the costume party. Felt like a celebrity! Everyone thought I was wearing a mask!

Fun DIY Beetlejuice with Shrunken Head Costume

Fun DIY Beetlejuice with Shrunken Head Costume

Fun DIY Beetlejuice with Shrunken Head Costume

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