My family loves Halloween and finding costumes that all relate to one another (Alice in Wonderland, super heroes, policeman and prisoners, etc.) Beetlejuice seemed like a tough one but awesome family costume to try to pull off for 2014.

Barbara and Adam (my husband and me): I asked a sculptor friend to help me with the masks. She used chicken wire, paper mache, paint, ping pong balls, elastic straps and a few other things she had lying around her studio. They were the perfect way to top off our pretty simple outfits (mostly things we had in our own closets and a handful of ping pong balls for finger eyeballs).

Lydia (my ten year old daughter): My daughter found random black pieces off her wardrobe to put together with Lydia. Although the character doesn’t wear stripes, we loved the little add-on of the striped leggings (and fingerless gloves) for a little homage to Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice (my 5.5 year old son): bought white suit, painted stripes on it with screen printing ink. Spend a chunk of my afternoon rubbing the pristine white and black clean suit in my yard, probably alarming my neighbors (luckily no one tried to have me committed despite how insane I must have looked). Wig was purchased and I tried my hand at make up. It turned out pretty good, especially for never having done make up like this before! Used white school glue and toilet paper to blend the wig and my son’s skin together. A little green eyeliner for the mold, voila! There he was!

We had a blast and liked the costume so much, we even got out family photo taken in our costumes.