My Husband and I decided to dress up as Beetlejuice characters for Halloween this year. His and my costumes were pretty easy, but my 11yr old son’s was going to be a little more work. But in the end, it was very cheap to make and simple for the most part.

For the shoulders, I bought the thinnest PVC pipe they had at Lowes, One piece was enough, and also a “T” shaped top. I found the sponges at Lowes as well in the cleaning section. I made a “T” shape with the PVC pipe and taped the sponges on each side to build up the shoulders to create the “headless” appearance. All products at Lowes totalled around $10.

For the shirt, we bought an XXL long sleeved button down shirt at Walmart($11) and cut a hole on the sides by his ribs and on the arm sleeves as well in the same area so he could stick him arms out the side and into the sleeves halfway down.

For the head, we bought a paper mache skull at Michales craft store ($1) and some brown sculpey clay. Together, my husband and I sculpted the face and baked it to harden. We attached it to the top of a hat my son wore backwards using elastic bands so that when my son turned his head, the fake head turned as well. This gave it a very realistic look! I got some back see though fabric from Jo Anns and safety pinned it around the fake head, covering the hat, and to the back of his shirt and added some burlap to tie around the neck.

Although he was pretty toasty trick or treating (80 degree night in FL) he loved it and we got so many compliments on it and  trick or treaters wanted their pictures taken with him all night. Total cost was around $25! We had a lot of fun with this one!