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Coolest Homemade Jadis the White Witch of Narnia Costume

I made the Homemade Jadis the White Witch of Narnia Costume with the movie in mind, as you can see. The blonde dreadlocks were found online, then it was embellished with the icicle crown; first I created a wired mesh, think chicken wire but smaller holes, then I hot glued the acrylic icicles into place then I sewed the wired frame to the wig and glued some of the hair in place to cover the mesh.

Then to keep this now very heavy thing on my head I sewed a strap that went behind my head to counter balance the heaviness in front, also, I stood nice and tall. Good posture is essential for the crown to stay on plus a regal appearance, she does think she‘s Queen after all!

The dress was sewn with no pattern (sometimes I like to walk on the wild side!). The fabric is tons of white felt, I dyed the bottom half of the skirt blue for the fading blue to white effect (it’s subtle but, actually is more dynamic than without it.) The wand is an old spring curtain rod with an acrylic icicle hot glued to it and iridescent white ribbon wrapped around it.

I wore platform high heels so I could tower over my guests and was wrapped in a borrowed white faux fur lap blanket. Finally add a fanatical and dominating regal ‘tude and you ARE the White Witch of Narnia- Jadis.

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  1. I forgot an important part of making this really work. I have auburn hair, and for me to really pull this off, I lightened my eyebrows and the my hair. For the less extreme out there, you can cover your eyebrows with heavy foundation. I used white shimmer make up on my shoulders, cheek bones, chin, on the brow bone where your brows taper off and forehead – the thinking where you would be kissed by the sun, she would by ice. And very important I bought that mascara that one side is a white “lengthener” and the other is the brown or black make up and only used the lengthening side.


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