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Coolest Lucy Pevensie from Narnia 3 Costume

My youngest has been on a quest, starting at age 4, to dress as Lucy Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia series of movies for Halloween.

When she unsurprisingly decreed (last year) that she wanted to be Lucy from Narnia 3 – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, I thought, “No problem, there’ll be costumes out by Halloween.” After all, there were costumes available for when she wanted to be Lucy from both Narnia 1 and 2 in previous years. Well, I thought wrong! Apparently the merchandise marketing budget done for Narnia 3 was no where near that of the previous movies, leaving me scrambling to piece a Lucy Pevensie from Narnia 3 Costume together.

Armed with images and details from the site “Through the Wardrobe Door” (a site dedicated to the costuming of all the Narnia films), I happily found that eBay filled the bill for most of the costume. I purchased navy blue velvet leggings, soft tall brown boots and a high neck blouse from various sellers, but the burgundy tunic was rapidly proving to be a search nightmare.

After finding a women’s size medium blazer at my local Goodwill, I proceeded to cut off the sleeves and roll and stitch the collar under. A gold paint pen and stencils gave the embellished details on the fabric of the tunic. The paint pen was also a great easy fix on the shiny burgundy plastic buttons of the blazer.

We then made quick use of some extra brown belts, and were able to recycle the dagger from our Lucy in Narnia 2 costume from two years ago.

I’m glad this Halloween’s costume drama had a very happy ending!

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