Coolest White Witch of Narnia Costume

So, at my College, we were organising a Fancy Dress day with the theme of children’s film and TV characters – and I knew I had to go all out with this one. I’ve always loved the Chronicles of Narnia and had seen some great White Witch costumes on the site and thought I’d give it a go myself..

I started off with a long grey dress which I already had – I wasn’t fussed whether it was grey or white because I then covered it with a long length of white muslin which I found on a fabric stall in the city. I made sure the length of muslin was twice my height when standing so that I could just drape it easily over the dress. I folded it over in half and cut a hole so I could fit my head through. This then just simply hung over the dress and I got a piece of white cord which I knotted around my waist to give the outfit a bit of structure.

For the cloak, I started off with some very basic thick white felt, which I wrapped around myself to get most of the body of the cloak. Over this, I then draped a long length of white fake fur (which I also got from the fabric stall). Easy!

The staff was constructed from 4 long blue icicles which were originally Christmas decorations. I placed them together in a line until I reached the length I wanted, and then attached them together with white masking tape. The white tape looked a bit funny amidst the blue so I found some sticky blue ribbon and just wound it round.

The hair took quite a while to organize, but only about half an hour to actually construct. First, I sectioned all of my natural hair off and backcombed it vigorously with a small comb – paying special attention to the hair on top of my head. Then I stiffened it with the use of hair spray. I then flipped my hair over and at the roots of my hair, clipped in some fake blonde dreadlocks which I had bought online. I then hoisted it all up into a high ponytail (the dreadlocks were secured into the first wrapping round of the hairband), but then twisted my natural hair into a bun and left the dreadlocks hanging. Then I wrapped the dreadlocks around the bun, fastening them with hair clips all the way around. You could have them all tucked away, but I preferred to leave a couple of strands of different lengths hanging down to look messier. I then sprayed the whole lot with white hairspray.

The make-up was fairly simple all-in-all. The crystallized pieces on my forehead came from some plastic snowflake decorations which I’d cut the branches off of. I then secured these to my face with the use of Snazaroo Spirit Gum – this is basically specialized face glue. There are other brands, but Snazaroo is one of the cheapest; it comes off with soap and water; and I found it worked perfectly. My eyes were defined with lots of white pencil eyeliner, and my eyelashes were coated in silver liquid eyeliner and then dusted liberally with lots of white eyeshadow. The rest of my face was then just coated in iridescent powder to give a ghostly look.

Getting ready in the morning didn’t take a HUGE amount of time, but I was definitely glad of a couple of weeks to organize and plan the whole outfit, so bare that in mind if trying it out!

Last but not least – if your dress is long enough to cover your feet, don’t worry about shoes! I didn’t; mine were black!

Coolest White Witch of Narnia Costume

Coolest White Witch of Narnia Costume

So, at my College, we were organising a Fancy Dress day with the theme of children’s film and TV characters – and I knew I had to go all

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