Cool Homemade Hellraiser and Pinhead Costume Ideas

Coolest Homemade Hellraiser and Pinhead Costume Ideas and Photos

What to be for Halloween was the question on my mind. Browsing threw online sites of the same costumes for hours and I eventually gave up. Thought to myself what is the coolest most original scary movie character? Pinhead! So I looked online at pictures of a pinhead costume to create myself. I took nails, … Read more

Coolest Hellraiser Pinhead Costume

Coolest Hellraiser Pinhead Costume

I love Halloween. It’s my personal Christmas.  I really wanted to do something over the top when I decided to make a Hellraiser Pinhead costume. Hellraiser Pinhead Costume Details I already had a Pinhead mask, but started playing around with making wounds with the liquid latex and decided I’d never wear a mask again. I … Read more

Homemade Pinhead from Hellraiser Costume

Homemade Pinhead from Hellraiser Costume

This costume was made using black vinyl (machine stitched). Head: First wash your face with soap and water. Then put latex bald (trimmed sideburns) applying several layers of liquid latex on face. Let dry 10 minutes between coats. Cut lines with scissors being careful. Stick nails at intersections with contact cement. This type of glue needs … Read more

Creepy Homemade Pinhead Costume

Creepy Homemade Pinhead Costume

The costume took 2 hours in total to apply, it was completely mad using liquid latex, cotton buds, metallic spray paint, a bald cap, face paint and a cape. First I had to apply 5 layers of liquid latex to my face and bald cap which I left to dry and then I covered it … Read more

Scary Child’s Hellraisers Pinhead Costume

My kids LOVE Halloween, and the scarier the better! We were visiting a Halloween store and my 9 year old daughter sees a costume for Pinhead from Hellraiser the movie, she says “mom, can I be this?” My thought was “Whoo Hoo, finally a great costume to make!” I say, “yes, I will make you it, … Read more

Coolest Homemade Hellraiser Pinhead Costume

Coolest Homemade Hellraiser Pinhead Costume

This year I decided to go as Pinhead from Hellraiser. I started with a base robe costume and modified it a lot to achieve a more form fitting look. I used a silicone mask with real nails that were punned in a head form, and then siliconed in. I then added Velcro to make the costume … Read more

Scariest Pinhead Halloween Costume

Every year, I love doing scary costumes, costumes that are so scary, people don't even realize it's me.  Last year, I went with "Pinhead" fr

Every year, I love doing scary costumes, costumes that are so scary, people don’t even realize it’s me.  Last year, I went with the scariest “Pinhead” from the Hellraiser movie.  The biggest investment was TIME. I first purchased the shirt for the costume and wore a black turtleneck underneath.  I wore black leather leggings and … Read more

Homemade Pinhead Costume

My girlfriend Roxy came up with this idea. This costume was made up of spray paint, skewers, bald cap, black paint, white paint, fake nails, black jacket and a black ripped up dress. Oh! With a spot of red in there (as well as the sword as a hand). I was a celebrity in this … Read more

Coolest Pinhead Girl Costume

Homemade Pinhead Girl Costume

For Halloween this year, I used lots of pleather to sew my own Homemade Pinhead Girl Costume, 16 ounces of latex, a bald wig cap, 99 nails, superglue and LOTS of patience. I might add at this point I have no formal training, I just consider myself to be an artist, that can and will … Read more

Coolest Hellraiser Group Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Hellraiser Group Halloween Costume Idea

This homemade Hellraiser group Halloween costume idea was inspired by Hellraiser. It was all homemade. For both of the costumes I used a black fabric that looked like leather and the red strips put on the chest were made by liquid latex hand painted red to look like blood. The part on the shoulder that … Read more