Every year, I love doing scary costumes, costumes that are so scary, people don’t even realize it’s me.  Last year, I went with the scariest “Pinhead” from the Hellraiser movie.  The biggest investment was TIME.

I first purchased the shirt for the costume and wore a black turtleneck underneath.  I wore black leather leggings and black boots (easy, so far). The make-up part was the more difficult.  I bought all my supplies from either Party City or Walmart.  That list included: a bald cap, liquid latex, white face paint, red lip liner, black eye liner and some purple and black eye shadow to make the lines more realistic.  You can even find tutorials on youtube.  For the nails, I found fake nails in the toy section and individually placed them with liquid latex.

Apply bald cap following instructions – apply 5 layers of liquid latex on neck and face (allow to dry in between applications) – apply white face paint all over head and face – draw your grid, first with black pencil, then go over with red lip liner – shade in each corner with purple/black eye shadow – apply nails with liquid latex.

EVERYONE thought it was the best makeup job they had seen and a lot of guys were even afraid to look at me!  Best of all – I won the best costume of the night!