Creepy Homemade Pinhead Costume

The costume took 2 hours in total to apply, it was completely mad using liquid latex, cotton buds, metallic spray paint, a bald cap, face paint and a cape. First I had to apply 5 layers of liquid latex to my face and bald cap which I left to dry and then I covered it in white face paint, then with something sharp I marked out the lines in my face and bald cap which i then painted a mix of red and black face paint to get a good blood colour.

For the nails, it was the clever idea of taking off the cotton on Q-tips and then melting both ends which I then flattened. These were then spray painted silver and put on my face with liquid latex. The worst part was finding out the best technique to apply the ‘nails’ as each one took a while and I was rushed for time! Eventually it was to start drying the nails then putting them on and drying them. It was a very strenuous task but completely worth it!

I wore it all day and every person I saw or met was in a state of amazement, shock and creeped out! I did not win a contest as unfortunately there wasn’t one but if I were it again i hope to try my best! The funniest part was laying on the floor to apply my nails as I was doing everything could to get them on! The best part was my final look and I think it was completely worth it and I impressed myself greatly!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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