Coolest Hellraiser Pinhead Costume

I love Halloween. It’s my personal Christmas.  I really wanted to do something over the top when I decided to make a Hellraiser Pinhead costume.

Hellraiser Pinhead Costume Details

  • I already had a Pinhead mask, but started playing around with making wounds with the liquid latex and decided I’d never wear a mask again.
  • I made some open zipper face creations for a Zombiefest as sort of a practice run leading up to my Pinhead creation.
  • I removed the cotton and melted plastic Q-tips for the nails and then painted them silver with a touch of fake blood where they attached to my face, a bald cap, about 6 coats of liquid latex and some cheap cream makeup. I had to have my wife help a little around the back of my head.

No one recognized me because I have hair down to the middle of my back. I won both contests I attended locally, but everyone said I should have gone into Tampa or Orlando where prizes were $1000.

I carried a small bottle of latex in my pocket because everyone wanted to touch the nails and they were coming off, so I taught everyone how easy it is to use it to reattach the nails.

I am hosting a large Halloween party at my home this year instead of going out, so I think I’ll do Pinhead one more time.

I’m planning to construct the lament box.  I have found some overlays that I can put on any 3×3 box, but I think I may cheat and buy a Rubik’s cube and put them on that.

Last time I made the pinky and thumb gloves, but just wore a black leather trench coat.  I think this time I’ll go a little further and make the chest plate on the coat just like it was in the movies.

Coolest Hellraiser Pinhead Costume

Coolest Hellraiser Pinhead Costume

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